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These terms and conditions will take effect starting from 25th January 2016

The Buyer is referred to as customer(s) who make(s) a purchase of KJC’s tour packages.

Kinabatangan Jungle Camp operates under the registered company known as ‘Singgahmata Holiday Camp Sdn Bhd’ and throughout this agreement shall be known as ‘KJC’.


1) Sale of Tour packages

The Seller agrees to sell to the Buyer tour packages as prescribed under the section “Tour packages” of this website

2) Purchase price and payment

2.1 The buyer agrees to pay the purchase price as prescribed under the section “Tour packages” of this website.

2.2 The payment may be made by fund transfer made payable to “Singgahmata Holiday Camp Sdn Bhd” through Public Bank Berhad with account number 3988703736 or by cash on the day of arrival.

3) Condition of Purchase

3.1 Terms and conditions imposed by a third party provider shall bind the parties to this agreement.

3.2 Third party provider are any affiliates, Airlines Company, travel agency provider, other travel products, suppliers and other entity that provides services throughout the tour.

4) Reservation & Booking

4.1 Reservations are subjected to the room availability at the actual time of booking.

4.2 Room Booking can be made through contacting our hotline:

i. +6011-26995157 ( Donald Chong )
ii. +6019-8047756 ( Robert Chong) ; or

iii. Through emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Further details can be referred in the “contact us” section.

5) Payment rate

5.1 Payment rates are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and are subject to relevant service charges and tax unless otherwise stated.

5.2 The details stated herein are correct at time of posting. The management shall have the right to make changes as it deems fit without prior notice.

6) Mode of Payment

6.1 Payment of room shall be paid either in cash or through any other electronic methods such Bank Transfer.

6.2 Payment method can be referred under payment method under the “Contact & reservations” section.

7) Missed out Payment

The management reserves the right to seek for missed out payment of the tour package in the event that payment made by customer omitted payment for extra trips made.


James books a 4 Days 3 Nights package plus extra trip to Sepilok. He paid only the price for 4 days 3 nights package after he finished the tour. The management has the right to seek for missed out payment to Sepilok even after James had finished the tour.

8) Cancellation Charge

8.1 If you decide to cancel your booking, a “cancellation charge” shall be imposed upon you as follows:

i. Agreed date of arrival to 30 days before arrival, you will be refunded with 70% of the total package price paid.

ii. 29 days to 15 days before arrival, you will be refunded with 50% of the total package price paid.

iii. 14 days to 8 days before arrival, you will be refunded with 25% of the total tour package price paid.

iv. 7 days prior to arrival or ABSENCE of customer, you will not be refund at all with the payment of tour package that you have made.

Once Booking is confirmed, change can only be made subject to the availability of rooms.

9) Alteration of Date

9.1 If you wish to alter or amend the date of your booking, you have to inform the management team by sending an email to notify them of the change of date subjected to the timeline below:

i. Booking of room made 3 month and above beforehand; notification has to be made 1 month beforehand

ii. Booking of room made 1 month to 3 months beforehand; notification has to be made 2 week beforehand

iii. Booking of room made a week to a day before it reaches the last day of that booking’s month; notification has to be made a week beforehand

iv. Booking made within the 6 days to your date of arrival; changes is not allowed.

8.1 The failure to do so would mean that the customer agrees with the date of arrival booked.

10) Exclusion of liability on customer’s injury

Any personal injury sustained, suffered, or caused throughout the journey of the tour shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

11) Right of reservation
10.1 Singgahmata Holiday Camp Sdn Bhd shall have the right at any time to remove, modify, or discontinue, temporarily or permanently the Tour Packages with or without notice.

10.2 You shall agree that Singgahmata Holiday Camp Sdn Bhd shall not be liable to you or to any third party in any way for any modification suspension or discontinuance of the tour packages.

12) Tour Packages

12.1 Some tour packages or a part of the tour packages are offered by independent tourism supplier will be subjected to their terms and conditions and the availability of their tourism product.

Illustration I:

KJC provides a tour package of 3 days 2 nights, while visiting to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Sepilok are two separate tourism product. KJC’s terms and conditions will apply to KJC, while Sepilok’s terms and conditions will apply to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre.

12.2 For tour packages provided by a third party that involves you to travel to another tourism destination, Singgahmata Holiday Camp Sdn Bhd only acts as a medium or electronic booking platform of the third party and shall not be liable for:

i. Any loss or damage to your personal property; or

ii. any complaints arise relating to the quality of the tour packages bought

iii. Any loss or damage to your personal property; or

iv. Any personal injury suffered, sustained or caused

12.3 Singgahmata Holiday Camp Sdn Bhd shall not be considered a party to a transaction between you and any third party tourism supplier as they only act as an electronic medium to liaise the travelling trip even though they receive some form of revenue or remuneration in the transaction.

13) Tour packages’ Availability

13.1 All tour packages offered are subjected to the availability and acceptance by the supplier of such product and service.

13.2 In the event when payment has been made where the tour package is not available at that moment, Singgahmata Holiday Camp Sdn Bhd shall refund the money to the customer.

14) Refund Policy from Supplier

14.1 In the event when you cancel your booking or reservation, monetary refund of the tour packages are subjected to the terms and conditions of the supplier who provides the services to you.

Illustration I:

Tour packages A consists of travel package of 3 days 2 nights stay in Kinabatangan Jungle Camp (KJC) and a day trip tour to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. In the event when you cancel the booking for package A, the refund policy of KJC will apply to the payment made where it relates only to the 3 days 2 nights payment made to the tour package while the refund policy of Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre will apply to the payment made where it relates to the day trip made to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre.

This is because the refund policy for different tourism destination differ from tour package to tour package.

15) Travel Requirements

15.1 It shall be the responsibility of the customer to obtain a visa and other relevant documents.

15.2 It is your responsibility to have a valid transport when you travel over to Malaysia.

15.3 If you are a West Malaysian citizen that requires a clearance from the immigration department of Sabah, you have to fulfil the requirement as required by the law of Sabah.

16) Validity of credit Card

Payment to the tour packages that have been made with credit card are deemed to be irrevocable authorisation by you to Singgahmata Holiday Camp Sdn Bhd.

17) Force Majeure

17.1 For the purpose of this Agreement the term Force Majeure shall mean:

(i) war and other hostilities (whether war be declared or not) invasion, terrorist activity, act of foreign enemies, mobilisation, requisition or embargo

(ii) rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or civil war

(iii) riot, commotion or disorder

(iv) earthquake, flood, fire or other natural physical disasters except to the extent that any such disaster is caused or contributed by the party claiming force majeure

(v) A general industrial dispute not limited to the Vendor or its employees.

17.2 If either party considers that any circumstance of Force Majeure has occurred which may affect materially the performance of its obligations then he shall notify the other in writing to that effect giving full details of the circumstances giving rise to the Force Majeure event.

18) Customer's obligation to pre-plan their travel schedule

18.1 Customer is advised to plan their excursion trip beforehand by adhering to the itinerary of the tour package(s) purchased.

i.e , Customer A bought an extra excursion trip to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, however he just spend 40 minutes at Sepilok from 10.30am to 11.10am. The management team is not responsible for ensuring that there must be a specific amount of time spend in Sepilok as the management team is abide by the itinerary of the tour package. This means that if under the itinerary, a pick up is stated at 11.10am, then the customer will be picked up exactly at 11.10am.

18.2 Therefore, it is advisable for the customer to arrange properly your schedule with the management team of KJC if the customer has a tight travelling's schedule.






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