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The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre provides a rare chance to see sun bears in the forest. 

Open since 2014, BSBCC offer the chance to see rescued sun bears on their road to rehabilition, as well as local flora and fauna such as orangutans, macaques, squirrels, and diverse tropical tree species. 

BSBCC signboards offer information in multiple languages to reach out to visitors about the unique features of the sun bears, their importance and their threats.

Opening hours

9:00am - 3.30pm

Open daily, including holidays.

Camera fee of RM1,000 will be charged for camera with lenses 500mm and above. 

All proceeds go towards sun bear conservation. Thank you for your support. 

Extra charges of RM100+6%GST per person per visit for transfer fees excluding entrance ticket



Contact Info

Shirley Kwan

Mobile Phone : +60172280299


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