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Gomantong Caves




Gomantong cave is situated in the middle of the road connecting Sukau to the main highway. The distance of the cave from Sandakan is around 40km. The cave is famous for its abundant number of wild swiftlest bird population. The cave is closed over certain date and it is recommended that you check its availability before you come.



The cave was founded in a crack of a mountain situated in the middle of a mysterious green forest reserve. It has a cathedral- like inner chamber, shot with splinter of sunlight and swarming with cockroaches at the bottom of the cave. The smell is bad due to the scattered bad shit. However, the cave is home to thousands of swiftlest bird in the cave.

Throughout your walk from the office of Gomantong to the cave, you can witness plethora of wildlife such as birds, orang utan, bearded pig, proboscis monkey and snake. There are basically two caves there known as the Simud hitam ( black cave) and Simud putih ( White cave).

The Simud Putih (white cave ) is a home to different type of swiftlest bird which housed a great amount of prized white swiftlests nests. The trail to the entrance of white cave is steep and requires an extra 45 minutes of walk to reach the destination.



A lot of tourists would make a day trip tour to the Gomantong Cave while they are taking a tour to the Kinabatangan River in the noon.

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Opening hours : 8:00 am - 6:00pm



Gomantong Cave Visit will be conducted on your departure day from Kinabatangan Jungle Camp

Extra charges of RM100+6%GST per person per visit, excluding entrance ticket.

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